Loading time of a cakePhp project.

11 Jul

Well, today I m gonna talk about another shit that I faced recently.

Sometimes its not good to have some talents customers who really understand and identify your problems…hahaha…i know I sound like a nerd…….but this findings helped me to reorganize  loading time of my site….

well let me tell u guys the whole story……..

When I launched my site it seemed very slow. My buyer said sometime it takes two minutes to load!! Holly shit.

Then I notice each time I am loading a dynamic menu where I am executing so many Database query and during execution of my database request cake joining 32 tables to manager foreign   key and killing my time.
Oh! Man my life became hell. My stupid dead line was knocking my door but my loving cake became fool like me, all forums also didn’t understand my problem. I was just sit before my pc and just rush to search holding my development.

At the death moment if found the light end of the tunnel. I add an option in admin panel. When admin will add data then I write the total html output in a file and when the page load I just simply include the file with my script. Then it brought a magical change in my website and I could reduce eighty percent loading time.


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