“Google Checkout” makes my life easy.

7 Aug
images2.jpg I am very much stressed about my HSBC payment method.The developer section of HSBC gave me hundred pages of PDF document and after reading those bullshits I found nothing. That stupid process made me bouncing around BLOG and FORUM.
But I am really happy and pleased to see google checkout system. This is very easy and well documented. They maintains their Owen blog, forum, wiki themselves. Then tutorial for google payment system is pretty good.I’m excited to see then clever ideas, helpful tips, and best practices that they’ve implemented. If any one wants to discuss their ideas they are managing a section subgroup, Articles & Tutorials.

One Response to ““Google Checkout” makes my life easy.”

  1. Omi Azad September 12, 2007 at 10:57 am #

    As far I know I need to have a Credit Card or I need to be a residence of USA/UK to be able to take the facility of gCheckout. Some days back I tried to open an account there, so that my client can sell some of his products, but G asked me to provide an address of UK or if I want to use USA address, I have to provide something like SSN. So I could not use that.

    Can you please share your experience?

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