The History of RSS

23 Jul
  • 1997 – Dave Winer develops scriptingNews. RSS was born.
  • 1999 – Netscape develops RSS 0.90 (which supported scriptingNews). This was simply XML with an RDF Header.
  • 1999 – Dave Winer at UserLand develops scriptingNews 2.0b1 (This included Netscape’s RSS 0.90 features)
  • 1999 – Netscape develops RSS 0.91. In this version they removed the RDF header, but included most features from scriptingNews 2.0b1.
  • 1999 – UserLand gets rid of scriptingNews and uses only RSS 0.91
  • Netscape stops their RSS development
  • 2000 – UserLand releases the official RSS 0.91 specification
  • 2000 – A group lead by Rael Dornfest at O’Reilly develops RSS 1.0. This format uses RDF and namespaces. This version is often confused as being a new version of 0.91, but this is a completely new format with no ties to RSS 0.91
  • 2000 – Dave Winer at UserLand develops RSS 0.92
  • 2002 – Dave Winer develops RSS 2.0 after leaving Userland
  • 2003 – The official RSS 2.0 specification is released



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