appRain new version 0.2.1 has released.

9 Mar

Little new stuff just passed!

appRain has release a new ‘Stable Release’ with version no 0.2.1. Quite a few decisions have been taken on that regards. All Stable versions release number will increasing middle parameter and right side number will be always 1. And right segment will grater then 1 for any beta version.
Stable: X.[X++].1 For example: 0.2.1, 0.3.1
Beta : X.X.(X++>1) For example: 0.2.2, 0.2.3

Several components have removed from this version that can make some negative impact in primary sense, because users have to install necessary plugins from appRain website. But they will get a habit to look for new components and update on regular basis and it will keep them up to date.

In new version (0.2.1) user able to save FTP access in admin panel for smooth installation of Components. Developers can copy installable file in any directory by XML definition but we recommend avoiding core libraries. Major bugs has fixed in Uploading and Cache Management. System always keeps a backup of edited file from appEditor and you can recovery any corrupted files from cache repository.

A major decision is, appRain team has decided to closed “appRain Core 0.1.0” version because it’s not maintained. So, the source code and SVN access of this version has been removed from Google Repository.

appRain official website is going to renovate in new look with loads of features. It will be more useful for users to get connected with Code, Tutorials, Download and Core team as well!
Let’s check the new version! Chrees.


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