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Google Clouds Hack

19 Aug

Run PHP in the Google Clouds

Google App Engine, Amazon Cloud and Azure are always engaged in continuous war. But these platforms are Programming Language specific. So they must have different performance and the combat will not end any more.

Anyways, Last night I was reading a interesting post to execute a PHP script in Google App Engine (GAE)! GAE is supported by Java and Python. A JAVA to PHP bridge that can help us. You can get it from here.

Here is few steps
1. Get a free account from here
2. Download the interpreter
3. Now update “php-java-bridge” definition file. Open war/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml and edit application name.
4. Download “Google App Engine SDK for Java” and extract it.
5. Open command prompt and execute following command
[GAE SDK file path]/ bin/ appcfg.cmd update [php-java-bridge-file-path] \war
6. Browse you application.
7. 🙂

See an example.