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The closing meeting of GPCIC project with Grameen phone,KATALYST and Grameen Telecom

20 Nov

Recently I got a meeting with Grameenphone, KATALYST and GrameenTelecom. This was closing meeting of my GPCIC project. I informed to face the meeting alone. Really it was a big deal for me.

In the morning when I was preparing myself for the meeting got little bit nervous. I arrived when it was just 15 minutes to start the meeting. In the waiting room my anxiousness just reached the peak position then Mr. Mejba (Representative of GP) called me in the conference room.

When meeting started I was really strange because they were very frank and jolly with all topics. The overall environment increased my productivity. At the end of the meeting some seniors joined with us. They were making jokes with us.

A meeting should be like that. If one and all can express each other liberally then it can bring the win.