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Fading face

26 Sep


We always feel to achieve and continue a better position. I know some of peoples they leave a good position from private sector and join in to a Government Organization were he is getting less amount.So there is a question of “How long a profession can survive”

Today I was reading a magazine name “PURPLE”. The topic was “Fading Face”

Mr. Faruque is a photographer with a Pinhole Camera near the Gulistan flyover. He has been in this passion since 40 years. He got this position inherently. There was a time when he uses to get 15-25 customers a day but not he get’s hardly 3-6 customers. Now his son is the bread-earners and while what Faruque brings in, is merely something extra.

In his words “The color photographers have taken over the business. The invention of digital camera was the blow that they could not resist.

There are only 4 pinhole photographers who are still working in this commercial area. Many of his colleagues are now making boxes (for sweets and shoes) on selling vegetables.

Not only pinhole cameraman, many of professions are today losing their positions. The major cause no doubt  was the advent of better, faster technology, and the only excuse of those stilly hanging on to the traditional craft is their lack of alternative skills, or the opportunity to learn only.

After reading this article I just tried to visualize myself. What i am doing and were i am going after 5 years.

After reading the post you should think about your prefession 😉