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Birth day party of JPT

13 Oct

Today I had an exciting moment. It was first birth day party of JPT (Junior Polar Traveler). This is my first assigned project released after joining SKYLARK team in bGlobal Sourcing.

Here I am sharing some pictures. I am sorry as I can not share the pictures from SKYLARK UK members because those are not appeared in my hand when I am wringing this post. They are Arthur Irving, Paul Wilson, Hayley Richardson and Zed Retief


Process video with php – my experience and some advice for you!

9 Aug
images3.jpg Why youtube is so popular!!! Every body will agree with me if I say “They make video available for people”.Actually what youtube does? They were successful to render video quickly because they convert a video file (mpeg, mov, avi) to flash movie (flv) file.
I was really excited when I developed some youtube clones. Till now those project are the finest project in my archive. Editing video with php was an interesting job.I used Mpleyer, Mencoder and Flvtool2 as a 3rd party tool. is providing mplayer and mencoder freeware. This is linux based project on video editing. And very useful for video encoding. windows base version is also available there.I used mencoder to convert video files to flv and generate thumbnail. Creating Thumbnail was a great exciting moment for me indeed!Mpleyer follows linux based path system. When a programmer start working with it in windows platform should keep in mind if he starts path parameter with slash (/) the output will generate in root directory( commonly C:/ or some time in windows folder). To get the stress out form you head it’s better to use full path of the media files.Now the task is to get the duration of the video. I used Mplayer to finish this event. This is very easy but I was in stress because I forgot to turn off the CPU sound. So you guys should include ” –nosound ” this simple text with the command string.I thought my work was done there. But my site owner was not satisfied with the quality. Because the size of the files was bigger than he expected. Then I used Flvtool2 to increase the quality. Actually Flvtool2 is a manipulation tool for Macromedia Flash Video files (FLV).

Success always put smiles on ur face automatically. This is what happened to my end result 🙂 it felt great when my site owner became happy like me. I hope guys who will try will always enjoy this kind of moment.

Funkyteddybears gonna beat all teddy bear websites

8 Aug
funky_teddy_bear.gif Truly I had to pass a big amount of time for this project.
I learned – “There is not end of decoration and rules for a website”
Oh! SEO Optimization. This simple task adds huge work.
I had to check every tag of html and make those meaningful.

Really simple website. Information of teddy bears gift, some gallery, contact, coupon, simple design tool, some payment module and a pretty easy admin panel.But I supposed to develop the website following all rules of w3. Needed some extra efforts.

But you know  when you are done you get peace in your mind.

I had to follow more the 13 rules including robot and spider to full feel all requirements.

I spent some worst time with payment installment. This got me in sweat.

After finishing this project I am feeling like is my own child ( I hope this site owner won’t mind ……ha ha ha)

GPCIC project done!!

8 Aug
table_back.gif Wow!! Finally I am done.

GPCIC stands for Grameen Phone Community Information Center.

This will be a big information bank for Bangladesh. The project is Organize by Grameen Phone, Katalist and Grameen Telecom. Information collected based on than in 26 categories. Basically Organizational Structure, Agriculture, Local communication, women activates, bank, local business, NGO activities and so on.

I choose CakePhp as Frame Work for this project. And the project is totaly Bangla Based. I use Uni-Bijoy layout witch is similar to Bijoy keyboard layout and Bangla.ttf as font.

Oh. I had to pass some difficulties. I feel strange after finishing the project. Some time I found myself under deep shit. First of all had to make a common module for my admin panel. Really a panic time I pass then because I cold not show the depth of my work to my senior as it was just row coding. After one week when I complete the module and my senior was smiling. Because we can do all stuff like Add, Edit, Delete, View of my 26 Database tables and I can add all those operation in a new Database table with in 5 minute.

Oh no. Then a new challenge arises. In these days I was using Bnagla by installing a software in my pc call Uni-Bijoy. But the site needs an independent Bangla typing system and my tension started. This shit makes my life hell. After five days with my hard work I found it done. User can type and view Bangla font there. I choose JavaScript do full feel it and EOT to supply font to clients machine.Then I made some other stuff like dynamic menu of Division-District-Thana, Dynamic menu for content download and page creation, Thick box display, Bread curb etc.I though I passed my tuff time.
Then a bull shit arises. I got 100 CIC’s information which already typed in an Excel file in Sutonny MJ. Now any how I have to insert those shit in my Database. How and what I have to do? Really I find myself in a toxic period. Finally I could make a Parser. This module convert a Sutonny MJ typed Excel(.csv) file in to Unicode Typed Excel file(.csv) and finally I populate the DB.

And the final task was making a simple manual. It was just typing a long Bangla sheet about the feature, usages.

But I was fall in a frustration when we demonstrate our first Beta version. Truely it was full of errors.

Finally it was done after hard working of more couple of week!!! Oh it’s done.