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Nothing behind business, the well known ‘Intel $100 Laptop’ too.

16 Jul
Nothing behind business This news spread all over the world that children of third world countries are getting low price laptops to enhance their IT backgrounds. It is a really exciting offer. And they are saying that it is a completely profitless project. Where Nicholas Negroponte stormed the developing world trying to develop innovative $175 computers, designed by his “One Laptop Per Child” non-profit project.
The price has now increased by $75. On the other hand, Intel is signing up international governments for it’s own “Classmate” PCs, which follow more conventional computing designs than ‘One Laptop Per Child’s’ radically rethought “XO” computers. but the price will be $200-$400. Wow, this is a really remarkable rate, and here the price has increased by four times.

But the interesting news is that Microsoft has been working to get Windows to run on Xo, but it still doesn’t appear that it will be ready soon, according to Mr. Will Poole.

Now only God knows what will happen next, and when the PC’s will be launched into the market or not.


Increased information technology will prevent dirty student politics.

15 Jul
computerstudents.jpg The Pew Research Center recently discovered that the American youth are becoming more interested in YouTube and MySpace, rather than political issues. I hope this breeze will blow all over the world.

I am spitefully worried about the political leaders, and really happily thinking about the progress of information technology. It may be a way to tackle dirty political situations.


I am pretty sure that this situation will prevent the young generation from dirty student politics.